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We are building our FAQs based on the queries and feedback received from many valuable users like you. Please check if your question is resolved in the list below, or else please do not hesitate to contact us.

o    How to filter out read articles, and keep track of latest news.
Drudgely automatically marks articles read after a predefined time limit (which you can change via Preferences screen). You can filter read articles by pressing the [show un-read or all articles]. This will save you time in scrolling through the list of articles.

o    How can I read next article?
On the article view, you can swipe right or left to easily swipe through all the articles, or you could scan the complete list in the main view.

o    Will the news summary be launched for Drudgely, same as NewsHog?
Early 2014, we launched a news summarization feature on our app NewsHog, that automatically summarizes news articles using advanced machine learning and semantic analysis technology, so that users can consume news even faster on their mobile devices. This 100 word news summary is generated automatically using a novel algorithm. We are doing the beta test in NewsHog, and once the algorithm is refined, we will launch that to Drudgely app as well.

o    How does Text-to-Speech work to listen to news?
How about someone reading the news to you while you are getting ready for work, at the break-fast table, in the car? Just click the [text-to-speech] button (looks like a speaker) and the app will read out the news for you. You can choose to listen to just the headlines in home screen view or full articles in article view. Further, by using the [like] button (optional) you could mark all news articles that interest you, and when you use text-to-speech in channel view, these articles will be read in full (enable this option under preferences). You have an option to change the pitch of the text-to-speech voice.

o    How can I set a News Alarm to wake up to the latest news?
If you like to wake up to the latest news, it is easy with Drudgely -> just set up the alarm on your Drudgely application, and it will turn on automatically at the time you specify to read out the latest news.

o    How to read full articles in browser or reader mode?
In article view, Drudgely shows the headline along with a small paragraph of the news article. To read the full article, click on the browser mode icon to open the full article in browser mode, taking you to the publisher’s website. Within browser mode, you have an option to click on the [reader] button anytime to open the article in reader view mode, formatted properly for the mobile screen.

o    How does play-pause text-to-speech (TTS) work by shaking device?
When Drudgely is reading out the news to you, pause it anytime without even looking at your device screen. Just shake your device, and it will automatically pause text-to-speech, and re-shake (after a little pause of ~ 3 sec) to start text-to-speech again. TTS will continue to read from where you paused it. Under settings/preferences, you could change the pitch of the voice and shake intensity. When there is an incoming/outgoing call, text-to-speech automatically pauses.

o    How can I save articles for reading later within Drudgely or save to Pocket?
Simply check the save icon on the top bar when reading an article, and it save your favorite news articles permanently within Drudgely or you can save to Pocket or other applications installed on your device using the [share] button.

o    How do I change the automatic download frequency of news articles?
In the background, we keep downloading and refreshing your news articles so when you open Drudgely, the latest articles are there for you. The time interval is set at every 6 hours by default, but it can be modified to your desired frequency via Preferences.

o    How to share articles to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, email, Blogger, etc.?
Simply click on the share icon to share news articles to various social networks, email, text message, etc. In addition, you can click on the like button to mark articles you like to share later.

o    How to translate articles?
We are working to release this in future versions.

o    How can you bypass the lock screen and read news by shaking device?
This functionality, when turned on, would allow you to access Drudgely over your locked screen. This way, you do not have to unlock your device to read the headlines and top news. With your privacy in mind, Drudgely does not allow you to share articles or change preferences without unlocking. This is an optional feature (go to preference screen to enable bypass), since we understand some of you may not want any access to your device without the lock code. This option is switched off by default, so under preferences you will have to turn this functionality on.

o    How to change list-grid layout, font size, background color, etc?
Users can change list/grid layout or font size under Preferences. Grid view is only available for tablets. User can change the font size in article view by pinching; keeping all content within boundaries of the screen. You can change the background color as well.

o    Is Drudgely available on iPhone/iPad?
We do not have a version of Drudgely available yet for iPhone/iPad, but we do have plans to develop one in the near future. If you are interested in an iPhone/iPad version, please revisit this website or like Drudgely Facebook page for regular updates.

Troubleshooting Tips

o    How to clear space on device?
You could change the clean-up frequency under preferences to save space on your device. The default clean up frequency is set to 48 hours, which could be reduced to 24 hours to save space on device.

o    How to resolve issues with Battery drainage?
Check out this cool article “10 Ways to Extend Your Smartphone's Battery Life - WLTX.com

o    How do I logout from Facebook?
In the preferences screen, uncheck ‘Login to Facebook’.

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