SoLoMob Inc. is engaged in the development of SOcial, LOcal and MOBile applications, that are available on Google Play, Amazon App Store, Nook tablets, Nokia X and Android Wear.

SoLoMob Inc. is based out of San Franscisco bay area. Our apps are passionately created by an award winning team of budding entrepreneurs, comprised of MS and PhD graduates from Stanford University and Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), with each member having 10-15 years of varied Technical experience (optimization, data assimilation, simulation, programming,  machine learning, artificial intelligence), and Operations experience (Sales & Marketing, HR, etc) experience. Founders have won numerous awards including the Dantzig dissertation award from INFROMS; Ramey & Miller Fellowships at Stanford; SIAM Stanford Research Excellence Award; Who’s Who in America; BASES Innovators Challenge Competition at Stanford; etc.

We are dedicated to providing a beautiful and feature rich user experience with our apps. 

We envision empowering our users to get all their desired digital content at their fingertips, wherever they are, and whenever they need it! 

About Us

Empowering Users To Get All Their Desired Digital Content At Their Finger Tips!

We strive to provide “A One Stop Shop” for all Interesting Data Consumption!

our mission

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SoLoMob Inc.

SOcial LOcal MOBile


our vision


> 2 million users and growing

~ 32 million articles read every month

- Regional editions for 16 countries

- Ranked under top 50 Apps on GooglePlay, top 15 Amazon App Store and top 10 on Nook Appstore

-New launch on iOS Jan2018